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Patent cases are won and lost on key documents. With better knowledge of key documents, you can keep your opponent constantly off guard and damage his credibility. Done consistently and artfully enough, and with solid performances from your own witnesses, you can win even very difficult cases this way. So of course you spend a small fortune culling and reviewing party ESI and paper for key documents; they’re critical tools. But you almost certainly do not look nearly as hard for key documents and facts among the billions of pages in PAIR and PACER. The cost has always been far too high for that.

Until now.

Key documents. Key victories.

Now it is possible to use PAIR and PACER data to develop key documents and facts to a degree never before thought possible. We have developed unique, patent-pending technologies to collect data from these databases at high speed and distill it into the key documents and information you need to win. For example, our Advantage product lets you attack or defend patents by comparison. Almost every patent in suit has something odd about it, but there used to be no way to quantitatively prove that. Now you can with our unique PAIR technologies. Or you can qualitatively rebut such attacks with an overwhelming set of examples. Likewise, our FastPTODocs product provides superior key document information for file wrappers—the most important source of key documents of all.

As for PACER, we all know that sometimes experts and parties are their own worst enemies—they say things they (or at least you) later regret. But in the past, you couldn’t find this information from prior cases: only 1% of PACER pleadings are searchable. Not anymore. We’ve gathered every key pleading from every pharmaceutical patent litigation going back 12 years, and made it all searchable. Our Expert product lets you use that unique database to find contradictory pharmaceutical patent expert testimony faster than ever. Our Brief product lets you search this same database for contradictory statements by your opposing party. With these tools, you can make PACER yield its many secrets at last.

Even outside of litigation, time itself is the enemy, and here again our technologies make a critical difference. Patent acquisitions need to move as fast as possible, so you can’t afford to wait for vendors who use manual processes. Use our Assignment and TerminalDisclaimer products for your next transaction and watch us beat other vendors best times by days using our powerful PACER and PTO assignment record technologies.

So you can win cases and complete transactions in record time when you use our products to wield PAIR and PACER data as the weapons they have become. To learn more about how, visit the all new FastPatentPartner website today.

By Geoffrey Mason