Find experienced technical experts
like never before

It’s hard to find good experts for patent cases. All the approaches used today are excellent at identifying technically well-qualified experts, but do a terrible job helping attorneys focus on the best testifying experts. So inevitably, attorneys spend far too many hours assessing the abilities of potential experts to testify before finally deciding which expert will carry the burden on key issues at trial.

ExpertSearch changes all of that for the better. We only provide you with experts who have been carefully vetted by other attorneys and then identified as testifying experts in a past patent case in your technology area. Not only that, we’ll let you know how many different civil actions the expert has been involved in, so that you can instantly prioritize the most experienced experts. The result: you can prioritize your assessment of the most experienced experts first, letting you get to that final expert decision faster than every before.

How do we find these experts? Simple. We’ve taken all of the dockets of all 33,000 patent cases filed over the past 12 years, and extracted all of the expert names identified in those dockets. While not all experts that appeared in these cases are identified in the dockets, 25-35% are, more than enough for purposes of focusing your search for only the most experienced experts. We then provide you with the names of those experts in cases where the asserted patents in suit match the technology you are searching for. Finally, we also tell you how many cases that expert has appeared in the dockets of.

So let us know where you need experts today. We’ll find them for you like never before.

By Geoffrey Mason